Essential Oils - How to use them & the ones I recommend...


Have you been hearing the buzz about essential oils lately? 

I'm not surprised. Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

And in our modern time, with a trend toward more holistic approaches to self care and the growing scientific validation of alternative health practices there's been a great 'rediscovery' of the profound health benefits of essential oils.

Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. 

Ever had your heart warmed by the gift of a rose? been uplifted when peeling an orange? delighted in the smell of freshly cut mint? Then you've experienced the aromatic power of essential oils.

Essential oils can lift the mood, calm the senses, and elicit powerful, health enhancing emotional responses. Yet their uses go well beyond their fragrant emotional appeal. Research has been showing more and more how the properties found in essential oils are actually powerful tools for helping your body, mind, family and home thrive!  

What do I need to know to get started?

First things first... make sure you're choosing only pure, high quality oils.

Not all essential oils are created equal.

You may have seen cheap bottles of oil in places like Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath and Beyond. That's not the way you want to go.

Ensuring that the oils you use are free of toxic synthetic fragrances, GMO’s, pesticides, heavy metals, mold or diluting agents is so important if you are going to use them for supporting your health and your family's home environment. The quality of the oil depends highly on how the oil is sourced (where the plants are grown and the way they are distilled).

The oils I recommend are from a company called doTERRA.

Every batch of doTERRA oils is rigorously tested by independent labs to ensure purity and potency. I also love doTERRA because of their commitment to sourcing that supports and makes a difference in the lives of growers all over the world, their communities and their families. You can find out more about why I love doTERRA here.


Next step...

If you're curious, want to learn more about how to use oils, wondering which ones to buy...let's connect!
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 We'll talk about which oils would be great for you personally to start with, and easy ways you can use them in your everyday life.


Already know what you're looking for and want to jump in and place an order?
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3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are used for a very wide range of  wellness applications. Their unique chemical structure allows them to pass directly through the skin for an immediate healthful response in your body's systems. Certain oils can be used as dietary aids to promote vitality and well-being. And many have powerful aromatic and topical cleansing properties. Essential oils can be used singly or blended with other oils for even more powerful synergistic effect and benefit. They can be used:

  • AROMATICALLY  ~ essential oils, when diffused or inhaled, can be very stimulating, calming, or soothing; diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air.

  • TOPICALLY ~ applying essential oils to your skin - such as on the bottoms of your feet or specific body areas - can encourage tension relief and other healthful benefits for your body systems.

  • INTERNALLY ~ certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements for targeted wellness.



Please note: Essential oils offer great natural health solutions that are safe when used as directed. They are powerfully concentrated however, and so should be used with care. Working with someone who has used essential oils before will help you have an effective and enjoyable experience. It's important to use only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and follow all label warnings and instructions. You never want to put essential oils near your eyes or in your ears. If you do ever experience irritation when using an essential oil on your skin, simply applying a vegetable oil such as liquid coconut oil to the area will help dilute and soothe it  (water will not dilute essential oils.) If you're pregnant or under a doctor's care, it's also of course always a good idea to consult your physician before using essential oils.


I'd love to help you explore and enjoy the powerful experience of essential oils.