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The key to preventing your neck tension

Your head is heavy. And like most of us, you probably often have it jutted forward looking at your computer or hanging down over your phone. That means you’re making your neck muscles do the work that your vertebrae should really be doing. It’s not surprising that they’re tired and achy. On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I’ve got a fun tip to help you get out of that bad head posture habit and prevent your neck tension from building up. I invite you to try the visual reminder […]  Read more »



Remember your Feet

Do you ever think about your feet? If you’re like most people, my guess is that you probably don’t – unless they’re bothering you with some kind of discomfort or pain. It’s not uncommon for us to neglect and even abuse our feet. But here’s the thing… your feet are the key to more health and wellbeing in the rest of your body than you may realize. Did you know that each of your feet has 23 bones, 33 joints, a network of over 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments, and […]  Read more » 




 The Steadying Power of a Wellness Anchor Habit

Does your busy life ever have you feeling like you’re drifting along, in reaction mode to everything around you? When you’re pulled in lots of directions and feeling triggered by the stressful overwhelm, what you could really use is a steadying foothold. As you probably know, cultivating good habits is something I often talk about here. They are a powerful way to live intentionally. But sometimes overwhelm happens. And even something positive like trying to keep up with good habits can add to it when you’re triggered and unmoored. 🙂 In this week’s Wellness […]  Read more » 



 The Tension in your Belly

Stress shows up in your body.  Most of us notice it as the tension in our shoulders, or maybe our lower backs, or our jaws. And it feels good to massage those parts out. But in another part of your body, there’s often a subtle gripping happening that we overlook. And when you release the tension there, it does more than just feel good. Breath flows more fully. Sleep comes more deeply. Your whole body can shift out of stress reaction mode.  In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I invite […]  Read more » 



 Reframing your New Year’s Goals & Resolutions

Whether you’re a New Year’s resolutions lover or hater, I think you’ll find this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video useful and inspiring. You see, I think we’ve got the whole way we do goal setting and resolution making upside down. When the targets of our goals are those things we want to do or accomplish, they can tend to lose steam, or worse, not feel as good as you thought they would when you get there. There’s a better way to frame your goal setting – one that helps […]  Read more » 




 Using the winter’s darkness to feel fulfillment

Do you struggle with all the extra darkness this time of year? I know most of us don’t look forward to long nights and short days. But there is something compelling about the natural yearning that arises for us when winter comes — to slow down, to rest, to turn inward. Tomorrow is the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere. It’s that point when the earth pauses in her quiet darkness before she starts coming back around toward more light. In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video, I […]  Read more »



How to keep your immune system strong during cold season

These beginning of winter weeks are not just holiday time, they are also the start of cold and flu season. And that brings to my mind your immune system. How is yours? This time of year when we find ourselves indoors a lot, interacting with more people, juggling stressful schedules, navigating various food temptations… it’s no wonder we sometimes find ourselves struggling to fight off a cold or even the flu. In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I am sharing a reminder for you about four things that […]  Read more »



Breathing techniques to de-stress and stay centered during the holiday season

The December holiday season can often be filled with situations and circumstances that feel stressful and pull us off center. We might find ourselves irritated, frustrated or even angry with things like holiday travel, shopping, or even challenging family gatherings. Another way we might also experience the weight of this season is with sensations of inward loneliness or overwhelm that has us feeling shut down. Have you ever noticed how all those kinds of feelings show up in our bodies? The hackles at your back? Your closed in shoulders […]  Read more »



Self-care massage for your hips and lower back

This week, hip and lower back tension are on my mind because last week was Thanksgiving. I did a lot of driving over the holiday week and my hips and back were feeling it. So whether you’ve also been driving a lot lately, or can simply just relate to having hip and back tension, I think you’ll find my Wellness Tip Wednesday video useful this week. I’m sharing how I followed my own advice and loosened my hip and glute muscles with an easy self massage technique that made […]
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Get your wellness habits ready for the holidays

Have you ever noticed that when a holiday week is right around the corner, it can be all too easy to let your good wellness habits slip by the wayside? In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I share some thoughts about how the week before the holiday peak is really important for you. That’s the time to reinvigorate your wellness habits and stick with them. The simple intentions you recommit to now can make a big difference in how you move through the fullness of the holiday week, […]  Read more »



What meditation is really about

What is the point of what you’re actually doing when you meditate? And why is having a meditation practice a useful thing? In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I have a suggestion about how to approach (or start) your meditation practice from one simple perspective that I think answers those questions powerfully. Whether you already have a meditation practice or feel like you are someone who can’t meditate… I invite you to check this out. This concept about what it is that you are actually doing when you […]  Read more »



How to be more resilient

What do you think of when I say the word resilient? Bouncing back? flexibility? recovering easily? Do you think some people are more resilient than others? How resilient would you say you are? Resilience isn’t something that we simply either have or don’t have. I think instead it’s a dynamic state of being that can be cultivated. And starting with a good foundation of wellbeing is the key. In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I’m sharing some thoughts about how you can build up this foundation and your […]  Read more »



Feeling tired lately? Try this experiment.

Do you sometimes find yourself surprised at how tired and fatigued you feel? On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I have a thought about why that is. It’s something you might have forgotten to consider. And I invite you to try an experiment that can really replenish and shift everything for you. Leave a comment below — let me know if you do it and what you notice.   Want Wellness Tip Wednesday videos to conveniently come to your inbox every week? Sign up here.    Read more »



The importance of wiggling your toes

Are your feet tight and stiff? Can you actually wiggle all of your toes? Here on the east coast, we are moving out of flip flop, sandal wearing weather and into the season of socks and closed toe shoes. And so we are finding our feet more squished and compacted throughout the day. Most of us just get used to the feeling of being in shoes all day. We don’t even realize how tight all the little muscles and bones in our feet are. Something else you might not […]  Read more »



 Self care massage for those knots in your shoulders

Do you have knots in your shoulders? You know the ones I mean… those deep tension spots that can sometimes feel like the size of golf balls at the tops of your shoulder blades and base of your neck. Getting massages can be great for working those knots out. But the fact is, in between massage sessions, life happens and those knots have a way of regularly creeping back in. Especially if you sit at a computer a lot. I always recommend to my massage therapy clients that they […]
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Are you trying too hard to be a healthier eater?

Gluten-free? no sugar? cutting out dairy? less meat? more meat? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the ideas about how to be a healthier eater these days. If you are interested in being on a path of healthier eating but you are getting overwhelmed with all the ways you might do that, I think you’ll enjoy my Wellness tip Wednesday video this week. It is about simplifying — trying one idea at a time, and noticing how your body feels. And I invite you […]  Read more »



What to do (and not do) when you’re in pain

Pain is a phenomena that can stop the hardiest of us in our tracks. It has a way of affecting everything. Sometimes it can feel impossible to focus on anything else in your life when significant pain has got your attention. And when you have pain that is affecting your life like that, it’s also very easy to stay stuck there, and even subconsciously exacerbate it. If you’ve ever had times in your life when pain has caught your breath and kept your attention like that, you know what […]  
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Why you need to know your self-care kryptonite

Last week my video was about why you need to know your own #1 self-care habit.  It is good to get clear on which self-care habits make a difference for you — and to commit to staying consistent. But even with that commitment, you probably still notice that sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days when it comes to your self-care. What makes that happen? For many of us, it’s that one thing that can act as a trigger — causing your […]  Read more »



Why you need to know your #1 self-care habit

You know how you can have some days that get off on the right foot and flow well. And others – not so much? I suggest it’s our attention to our self-care habits that makes the difference. The thing, of course, is that we’re busy. There’s certainly a lot of things we could be doing for our self-care. And sometimes it’s not easy to keep up with all of them. But identifying what your #1 self-care habit is – that thing that has the biggest effect […]  Read more »



How to know whether to ice or heat your sore muscles

Do you ever have muscle strain or tension and wonder which would be more helpful – putting ice on it or heat? Well, the answer to that question depends on what kind of muscle strain or tension is causing you the pain and basically comes down to one thing – inflammation. On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I share tips for how you can tell the difference and ways you can apply the ice or heat so you can get some relief from your pain and discomfort. In this […]  Read more »



To Do List stressing you out? De-stress with the opposite

Do you have an ever growing To Do list that stresses you out? Life is busy. But the key to managing the stress that comes with it is to build up your resiliency. And resiliency’s main ingredient is your sense of self-efficacy – that sensation of believing in yourself and your capacity to accomplish what you set out to. So on this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I’m sharing an idea that offers a powerful way to build that self-efficacy and resilience with a counterbalance to your never-ending […]  
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Breathe better – get your ribs out of your stomach

Ever feel like, even when you’re just sitting around, it’s not that easy to get a deep breath? If you stop to notice — does it seem like your breathing is short and shallow, up near your throat? So many of us, without realizing it, have gotten into a particular posture habit that has a blocking effect on our ability to breathe well. And I can’t stress enough how much the practice of breathing well – breathing fully and slowly – makes a difference in our health and wellbeing. […]  Read more »



 Need to solve a problem? Why you should start with what IS working

Have you ever noticed how we humans have a tendency to focus on what’s not going well? It’s said that as human animals, we’re wired to look for problems — that we evolved because we got good at recognizing dangers and threats. But as we’ve continued to evolve, it’s actually our ability to notice what IS working — our willingness to shift our focus onto how and why something is going well — that is empowering us to thrive. On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I invite you to […]

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How to get more restful sleep

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel like your body fully rested? Many of us bring our day’s thoughts to bed with us – which causes us to never really sink into our mattresses and let go of the tension in our bodies. Do you sometimes feel like you are laying on your bed, even hovering a couple of millimeters over it, rather than actually sinking in and really resting? This week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday is a reminder about the tuning into your body and […]  Read more »



Procrastinating? What you need is a way in.

Are you a procrastinator? Most of us find ourselves with procrastinating tendencies once in a while — especially when what we are wanting or needing to work on seems big, unclear, or complex. On this Wellness Tip Wednesday, I share how you can sneak past that procrastinator part of you so you can get moving on the project or goal hanging over your head. The key is finding your way in. Try this strategy the next time your inner procrastinator seems to be holding you back. And let me […]

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Feeling overwhelmed? How a brain download can soothe you.

Do you ever have times when you feel overwhelmed about all the things you have to do? Have you also experienced the added stress and frustration that comes when something important has dropped off the end because you couldn’t remember it all? On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I’m sharing one of my favorite ways to limit that frustration and bring the overwhelm-stress down a notch. I invite you to try this brain download strategy the next time you’re feeling the stress of your busy life. And let me […]  Read more »



How to Stop a Bad Habit – Don’t Deprive, Replace

Ever try to ‘willpower’ yourself into NOT doing something? You know, like stopping a not-so-healthy habit? How has that worked for you? It’s a nice intention, for example, to decide you’re going to stop getting that candy bar at the vending machine during an afternoon slump at work or stop staying up late binge-watching Netflix on a weeknight. But having an intention not to do something is rarely an empowering enough strategy to make a sustainable change. In fact, if the thing you’re trying to change has its own momentum, […]  Read more »