Meet Katrina...


You’re a smart, wellness-minded person. 
And you have a busy life. 

Have you noticed there’s plenty of advice and recommendations out there about what busy women like us SHOULD be doing to stay on top of living healthy? You know... juggling and balancing it all the right way?

Ever feel a sense of frustration, or even guilt and shame, around failing to manage all the things - the perfect diet, robust exercise routine, deep meditation practice - every day?

I hear you.
I've been there!

But several years ago, I had a realization that shifted everything for me.

I recognized just how much wellness is a PERSONAL journey AND that it's ok for me to map out my own path - even if it doesn't meet up with all the shoulds and expectations. 

In fact, not only is it ok, but it's the KEY to actually living the balanced, well and vibrant life I had been yearning for. 



My name is Katrina Piehler. 

I help busy professional people like you find a personal and empowering path of wellness and self care while living your busy life.


And I want to tell you... 
you have permission to NOT do all the hard core healthy-living things if they don't work for you.

That's what turned the key for me - giving myself permission to step away from shoulds and expectations (even my own internal ones). 

My willingness to be gentle with myself opens me up to possibilities. It allows me to get curious and create space for my own versions of wellness and strategies for healthy living - versions I can get behind and stick with.

Instead of seeing myself as a failure for somehow not managing to handle it all, I've learned to cultivate an empowering relationship with myself - one that helps me tap into my resilience and love my life more.


I want this for you. 

I know you can thrive by living from your center.
I'm passionate about helping you learn how. 

If you'd like to chat, here's where you can schedule a complimentary Wellness Strategy Consultation. 

It was over 17 years ago that I founded Living from Center.

In the early years I called it Centering Touch. Massage therapy sessions were my main offering then, yet from the beginning my clients noticed the empowering whole-self approach I offered.

Massage sessions with me are not only an invitation for your body to release tension, but a safe space for your mind and spirit to rest, reset and replenish.

Surprising clarity and feelings of renewal can come when we slow down and take the opportunity to re-center.


The challenge of course these days, is figuring out how to make, and take those opportunities amidst our busy lives.

That's the mission I carry through all the services I've come to offer as Living from Center has grown and evolved over the years. 

I provide not only in-person massage therapy sessions, but virtual body tune up lessons for at home self care, plus individual and group coaching programs on strategizing and keeping momentum going with healthy habits and wellness practices that work for you.

I love helping my clients find personalized ways to tap into their own well of resilience so they can live better and love their lives more!


Some more about me and how I got here… 

I've always found myself in awe about the human body and the human spirit - our capacity for resilience and how we develop and grow.

Before I became a massage therapist, I was a kindergarten and elementary school teacher. Those wonderful years helping children grow taught me just how individual each of us really are. And how important it is for us to honor that. 

I've also always had an interest in the world of complementary health and wellness. In 2003 I left teaching to get my massage therapy certification. I had found the perfect program for me at The Polarity Realization Institute (now Spa Tech Institute) - high quality therapeutic training that taught a holistic, energy aware, client centered approach to bodywork and wellness. 

With teaching still in my blood, I joined the faculty there in 2009 for a year helping new therapists learn anatomy and body physiology, massage techniques and business skills.

A year later in my practice I found myself eager to formally add wellness coaching to my services and I was thrilled to discover and earn my certification from the Wellcoaches® School of Coaching. Their person centered, holistic approach grounded in positive psychology and evidence based practices also fell right in alignment with my philosophy about wellness. 

It's true, our lives are full and busy.
But I know you can find a path of wellness that works just right for you.

Here's a I resource I created for you that can get you started.
I call it Your Resilience Toolkit. It's a four part free video series with simple ways to stay plugged in and boost your wellbeing every day.

Let's stay connected.
I'd love to help support you along your wellness journey!

Your Resilience Toolkit

4 Simple Ways to Boost your Wellbeing Every Day


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spiral from heart 

"Live from your own center."

                                    ~ Joseph Campbell

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I think Katrina's coaching supported my soul as well as my body! I've made real internal changes and developed my own strategies for healthier eating and life balance that I can tell I'm going to keep coming back to throughout my life. She didn't push a particular program or diet on me. I've done that kind of thing before and it never lasted. Instead, working with Katrina felt much more personalized and effective. The kinds of goals I set every week made sense for me. And Katrina helped me make them really do-able. I've changed my relationship with food and exercise. I've begun living the life I want to live!

 ~ Eileen S., Program Manager, 49