Do you love your life?

What if you could…

    • have balanced energy?
    • feel steady & calm under stress?
    • feel fit, strong & connected to your body?
    • be fully engaged & satisfied with choices you make?

Would that make a difference?

~ Having the vibrant, fulfilling Life you yearn for is possible! ~
   … EVEN if your life is busy with stresses and overwhelm.

The Key is in learning how to live from your own CENTER!


My name is Katrina

Massage Therapist Somerville MA

I created LIVING FROM CENTER to offer the kind of empowering
support that can help you do just that…
individualized, action-oriented WELLNESS COACHING and
high quality, rejuvenating MASSAGE and BODYWORK THERAPY
–that helps busy people transform and love their lives.



Imagine having someone in your life who’s got your back (sometimes literally).
Someone who will really see & hear you and
who can keep bringing you back to your motivations, your goals, your center
– so you can LIVE your amazing life !

Life Coaching Somerville MA


Learn more here about how working with Katrina
as your Wellness Coach can transform your life!





Learn more here about how massage & bodywork sessions from
Katrina can renew & rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit!




Wellness inspiration and resources from my Blog

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