Complimentary Wellbeing Check-in: Stress Re-set Tools, Healthy Habits Re-start

Complimentary Wellbeing Check-in Conversation


 2020 has been quite a year, huh?

Over the course of these many long months
my guess is that you've been feeling
the effects of life being turned inside out.

Between the disruption to your normal routines,
the concern about your and your family's health,
all on top of the ongoing tension of uncertainty... 
it's understandable that 
you've probably been experiencing more stress than ever


which of course is a concerning irony - 
because stress is the number one thing to have
a negative effect on your immune system. 


There is good new though -
even though it may feel like you can’t stop
the external stress triggers from continuing to arise...

 you DO have the power to manage & shift 
how the stress shows up in your body
and in your daily living. 


The KEY is having tools and strategies
that help you re-set and stay grounded 
when you need to.


My name is Katrina Piehler.

As a certified wellness coach and massage therapist,
I help people de-stress AND tune into their own ability to
feel more resilient and empowered in their every day lives.


During this difficult time,
I'm offering a FREE 20 minute
wellbeing check-in conversation
to anyone who would like a little support right now. 


Here are some reasons why this could be helpful and empowering for you... 

If you are feeling any of these ways, I invite you to reach out to me for this complimentary session.

  • You know your stress levels have been increasing. 
  • You’re worried about how the stress is going to continue to effect your body and spirit over time.
  • You want to do something about it - learn about tools and strategies that you can actually use in your day to day life right now that will make a difference for you.
  • You want someone to talk to - someone to hear what has stopped working or become challenging around the healthy habits you were trying to establish; someone to help you re-think and restart a new commitment to your wellbeing that can work for you now, in this changing landscape of day to day life. 


In this free wellness conversation you’ll have the chance to:

  • share your concerns
  • let someone hold the space for you to feel seen and heard
  • get specific ideas you can use in your life this week
  • ask questions
  • learn about additional or continuing support opportunities that might be helpful for you 


Having someone to talk with about your own wellbeing, even just one conversation,
is so important for all of us right now.

And coming together for each other in the ways that we each can is
how I believe we'll come through this time healthier than before
(in more ways than one).

This is how I can help.


Here is a link to my calendar

We’ll hold the session as a video chat via Zoom
(I’ll send you the link when you sign up).
Or we can do Facetime, or talk by phone if you prefer.


I invite you to go ahead and
book yourself in for a time to talk with me. 

If you don’t see any spots that fit your schedule,
feel free to email me. I’m sure we can work a time out.