Your lazy belly


You probably can imagine that in my massage therapy practice, one of the main things people come in needing addressed is their back pain.

So many of us have back tension – and of course the reasons vary.

But underlying most of the reasons, is actually one key – something that can make a huge difference once you’re aware of it.

It’s your lazy belly.

You see, our spines are amazing — the way we’re built to hold our torsos in an upright position.
But the truth is, most of us aren’t taking full advantage of how we’re built.

Take a moment to think about it now.
Think about your back, and your belly.

We are 3 dimensional beings, yet so many of us forget about our fronts.

Most of us have our back torso muscles far more contracted and engaged than our front torso muscles.
Did you even know, in fact, that you have front torso muscles that are supposed to help in keeping you upright?

No wonder our backs get fatigued and prone to injury.
We’re asking them to do the lion’s share of the work, holding us upright anytime we’re standing or walking.

Want to ease some of that chronic tension your back is always taking on? Wake up your belly!

Make it a practice — next time you’re walking or standing in line at a grocery store, tune into your torso.
Notice your back.
And then notice your front.

In fact, try this right now if you like:

Stand up.
Go ahead and find that lazy belly mode.
Now gently engage your belly muscles. Pull them in just a little.
Not in a hard, holding your breath kind of way. Keep it gentle. Subtle.
Don’t forget to breathe.


Straightens you up and takes a little strain off your back, doesn’t it?

Try this awareness whenever you can.
The more you practice subtly engaging the front of your torso as well as your back, the more you will start to feel like a well balanced 3-dimensional body.

Less lazy in the front = less tension in the back.


Share your reactions.
What do you notice when you try this?



Katrina Piehler is a massage therapist and wellness coach who is passionate about helping busy people create lives they love living!

Known for her intuitive approach, she offers rejuvenating bodywork sessions and action-oriented wellness coaching programs that enable her clients to experience balance and empowering motivation to transform how they live their lives.

She loves helping new folks in her community find inspiration and motivation to get ‘un-stuck’. If you could use a little clarity juice or are curious about coaching, come schedule a complimentary wellness coaching session with Katrina here. If you live in the Boston area and are yearning for some muscle tension relief and rejuvenation for your body, you can book a bodywork session with Katrina here.

  • Anne Lafleur

    So helpful! I especially love the distinction between engage belly muscles just a little vs. “in a hard, holding your breath kind of way.” And I also love how this got me to think about how I can help all the different parts of my help and cooperate with each other, vs. one part making things harder for another part. It another way to practice love in action!