WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: Why you need to know your self care kryptonite


Last week my video was about why you need to know your own #1 self care habit.  It is good to get clear on which self care habits make a difference for you — and to commit to staying consistent.

But even with that commitment, you probably still notice that sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days when it comes to your self care.

What makes that happen?
For many of us, it’s that one thing that can act like a trigger — causing your day to unravel.
I call it your kryptonite.

You usually know it’s not a good choice, but it’s often something that’s just plain hard to resist.

Do you know what your own self care kryptonite is?

On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I invite you to think about that. Identifying your triggers is the first empowering step against self care sabotage.

Feel free to share your kryptonite in the comments and perhaps what you do to avoid it. Let’s share some protection power!


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  • Anne Lafleur

    Great question to reflect on. The two that come to mind are eating past the point of satisfaction, and being rude or dismissive toward my spouse (or others… but usually it’s him). I do it, then I *justify it* to myself (rather than just recognizing it and correcting it), and that is a surefire recipe for feeling like crap.