WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: How to manage plantar fasciitis (that horrible pain in your foot)


Have you ever had plantar fasciitis? It’s a sharp, awful pain in the bottom of your foot.

If you’ve ever had it, you know.
And the biggest problem you probably also know is, once you’ve triggered it, it’s not easy to get rid of.

Here’s the important key — what often sets it off is your tight calves and hamstrings.

If you find that your lower back and the backs of your legs are often tight, or if you have ever tried to recover from plantar fasciitis, this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday is for you.

I share what I think is the most important thing you can do to manage it and avoid it happening to you in the first place!

Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Have you ever had plantar fasciitis?
Do you have tight muscles in the backs of your legs?
What have you done to manage and heal?


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