WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: How you Breathe Matters


Are you a vertical breather or a horizontal breather?
May sound like a strange question but your answer can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing.

On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday learn how to notice the way you breathe and the effect it can have on health issues like foggy thinking, digestive issues, high blood pressure and insomnia.

Here’s a link to the book mentioned in the video: Breathe by Dr. Belisa Vranich.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.
I’d love to hear – what do you notice about your breathing?
Does shifting it feel challenging? What do you notice when you do?


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  • Kate Hallen

    So important, Katrina! For many years I had a pattern of sometimes feeling almost as if I were being smothered due to not being able to get a feeling of fully breathing–& then having the sensation create a cycle where I’d almost panic, desperate to get a full breath! Though I hadn’t thought of it in terms of horizontal/vertical, what I was doing was definitley vertical breathing, and had developed into a battle against the habitual tightness in my chest & shoulders. It wasn’t till I returned to doing yoga, where a teacher asked us to notice our breath expanding our side ribs and lower back as well as front, that I began to feel the movement in my ribs, and how I’d been closing off my lower lungs, sides and back & forcing the lungs to push mostly upwards. Learning to keep being aware of where/how the breath goes is an ongoing process–and every reminder and additional piece of knowledge helps! Thanks–and thanks for acknowledging the role of springtime in personal healing & growth!

    • I’m so glad this reminder resonated for you Kate! Yes, it’s that feeling of expanding side, front and back. Love it. And you’re right it is an ongoing process! Simply keep noticing and sink into more of an allowing than a trying. Hope you are having a wonderful spring!