What is Wellness Coaching?

… And how do you know if it’s for you?

    • Does your busy life leave you feeling stressed or low on energy?
    • Do you struggle with your eating habits or food choices, sometimes even wondering whether you are feeling truly nourished?
    • Do you often have the best of intentions to exercise and be active, but find it challenging to make it part of everyday life?
    • Is something just simply “off” in the balance & satisfaction you feel in your life?

My guess is that you’ve probably tried lots of things over the years, on your own, to make changes in these or other parts of your life. But if you’re like me and the many women I work with… perhaps you’ve also found that trying to follow the latest advice, trends and “shoulds” doesn’t always help the changes stick.

In fact, sometimes it can feel like you’re going in circles rather than living the life you really want.

Wellness Coaching for Women Boston MA

What if instead, someone could guide you to finally
make personally meaningful, life lasting changes
by helping you listen to your own inner wisdom?


I invite you to consider the powerful difference partnering with a coach can make for you to take on & transform your life. 

LIVING FROM CENTER Wellness Coaching is action-oriented support that can help you create & maintain the balanced, healthy, vibrant life you are yearning for.

As a Certified Wellness Coach and Desire Map Facilitator, I’ve created a completely individualized & collaborative process designed to help you:

    • get powerfully clear about the life you want to be living
    • get genuinely in touch with what inspires & motivates you
    • AND get down to the reality of making it actually happen day to day

Imagine having someone by your side…

    • who genuinely accepts & meets you where you are right now
    • who believes in the power of your life & helps you tap into your own desires, intuition and strengths
    • who helps you see your bigger picture & follow through on actual, do-able GOALS
    • who teaches you to manage obstacles & re-frame set-backs in ways that empower and keep you moving forward.

An opportunity to transform your relationship with yourself and how you live your life is powerful.

My passion and commitment as a wellness coach is to support you along this journey of creating a life you love living!

Click here for more specific details about the coaching options I offer and how it all works.


And check out this fun little video that shows really well the coaching process.