Welcome! Come, be part of the Pause…

Would you say you Live from your Center?
Does that phrase grab you? What does it mean for you?

“Live from your own center” is a quote I heard from Joseph Campbell, amazing writer and teacher of mythology and philosophy. It’s always inspired and intrigued me. A wonderful goal and intention – to be centered, to live from a balanced inner place.

But… doesn’t so much in life often seem to pull us off balance? To cause us to act and re-act instead from places of habit or strain? I know for me, there certainly have been times where I think I’ve gone for days on auto-pilot, not necessarily connected to my center at all.

So that invitation, that directive – to live from center, got me thinking a lot about how.
In the context of real life, where can we – as busy people, find access points for re-connecting, for re-inspiration, for steadily but surely living a healthy content life?

Over eight years ago, I trained to become massage therapist and the mission behind the holistic massage therapy practice I chose to open unfolded from “living from center.” I called it Centering Touch. I love working with people who come seeking renewal, a breath, a pause.  I strived for the therapy services I offered to be an opportunity for re-setting body and spirit. I’ve come to believe that, especially in our fast paced modern society, it’s there – in the pauses – that we re-connect with our centers.

What do I mean by pauses… well, sure something like a massage that helps your nervous system re-set and your tension release. But I also mean any small little moment that prompts you to take a breath or to smile with recognition. Over the years some of the most powerful moments that have helped me pause and re-center, have been a few words that were spoken in a conversation or some seed of an idea in something I read.

And so I’m excited today to welcome you to Living from Center’s blog. It’s something that has been developing in the incubator of my mind for quite some time now. As winter has begun offering its ritual shift from dark back to light, I’m happy to say the potential of a new spring’s beginnings has helped to midwife it out of me.

We’re all humans here maneuvering through our lives as well as we can. Joseph Campbell spoke often about the hero’s journey… our human path to find our way and discover our selves. I think for that endeavor, it’s a great idea to be on the lookout for tools, inspirations, sustenance and support along the way that might help us find strength and stay centered.

So I offer this blog as a resource and community-building space.
A forum for reflections, ideas, and food for thought that we can share as we journey together toward healthy, vibrant living.

I invite you to share your thoughts and post a comment below.
What often pulls you off balance?
Where have you found “pause” and tools for re-centering in your life?