Tools for Renewal


Does September already have you feeling stressed out?
Do you yearn for more energy & healthier balance in your life?
Want to feel more resilient & grounded in the face of life’s stresses?


Tools for Renewal is an empowering, self care workshop you will love!



It’s a fun, interactive experience that will help you transform your relationship with stress.

In this 3 hour, afternoon workshop you’ll:

      • Relax, restore & come away with empowering ideas and strategies you can use daily to create your more balanced life.
      • Discover your personal resilience resources & how to tap into them for grounding when stress throws you off balance
      • Learn simple ways to re-charge and renew your energy every day
      • Enjoy connecting with other wellness-minded people in a fun, small group gathering

I invite you to join us!


Here’s the details:

  • It’s happening on SATURDAY, September 27th ~ 2:00-5:00 pm
  • We’ll meet in a beautiful and easily accessible gathering space in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA (location will be provided upon registration)
  • It will be an individualized small group experience so space is limited — sign up early.
  • Some of the stress balancing tools and techniques you’ll explore are: Empowering Mindfulness Exercises, Meditative Breathing Practices, Restorative Yoga & Self Foot Reflexology


Wouldn’t you Love to Shift from
Barely Managing Stress
Living a more Resilient & Balanced Life?

Come join us! Simply click below:


[sorry, class is full — check back again for future dates!]