About Wellness Coaching with Katrina

I feel like Katrina’s coaching supported my soul as well as my body! I’ve made these internal changes and developed my own strategies for healthier eating and life balance that I can tell I’m going to keep coming back to throughout my life. She didn’t push a particular program or diet on me. I’ve done that kind of thing before and it never lasted. Working with Katrina felt much more personalized. The kinds of goals I set every week made sense for me. And she helped me make them really do-able. I’ve changed my relationship with food and exercise and I feel like I’ve finally  begun living the life I want to live!

~ Eileen, Program Manager, age 49 

This has made a huge difference in my life!
Having Katrina as a coach made the difference for me — between what always felt like struggling to live the healthy, balanced life I wanted and actually DOING it. She got me out of my head and out of my own way. The small specific steps and focusing on what is working for me instead of what I always think isn’t, really shifted everything for me. Katrina just has this way of hearing me… and then helping me hear myself. It’s like that gave me my power back.

~ Theresa, Administrative Assistant, age 41