WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: How to have a great week – bookend your days

Bookend your days

  Do you sometimes go through the week getting to bed way too late, having a hard time getting up in the morning, rushing to work and having your whole day really not feel good and flow because of it? It’s a pattern many of us often mindlessly fall into. In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I’m sharing a tip I refer to as ‘bookending your days.’ An awareness and intentionality about how you not only begin each day, but how you end them, really makes a powerful difference in [...]

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Do you take it to bed with you?


  I bet you have a lot on your mind. So many of us have concerning thoughts and worries — these days more than ever. And that’s on top of all our typical day to day stuff.     I also bet you’re probably aware of how those stressful thoughts have a way of showing up in your body. Stiff neck. Tight jaw. Back tension, etc. It’s kind of par for the course given how your mind and body is connected. Here’s something else I bet you do… and it’s [...]

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The usefulness of Yay me! moments

Yay me moments

  What went well for you this week? When I work with my coaching clients, that question is an important part of our conversations. Did it take a couple minutes for you to think of something? What if I asked you about what didn’t go so well? Went right to it, didn’t you? That’s why that first question is important. Important to ask first. A coach I once worked with adds a layer to that question that makes it even more powerful… she regularly asked me to connect it back [...]

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This Year’s Reflections BEFORE New Year’s Resolutions


I have to admit… I’m a big fan of the New Year season. I know, some folks aren’t. And understandably so. There’s often this ever present assumption, expectation even, that we should be always doing more, should be better. Resolutions can feel heavy rather than inspiring. That’s not what New Year’s time is for me. What I learned long ago is that “should” has never been an empowering or effective motivator.  And I definitely no longer view New Year goal setting through that lens. I’ve found there are much more stirring [...]

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Life has Ups & Downs – How to Find Contentment in the Tide

Contentment in the Tide

Do you experience times in life when you feel pretty good? Moving along, setting goals – then, for whatever reason, your best laid plans don’t work out… and a nice weighty doldrum or funk sets in? It’s easy to feel frustration, even resistance, when that happens. After all who wants to be in one of life’s ‘downs’? That happened to me recently. When things didn’t go the way I wanted, I was ready to go into self-criticism mode. A mode that can often keep me stuck. But this time, an [...]

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The Difference Between Intentional and Inevitable R&R is the Secret to Living Powerfully

Rest and Rejuvenation

  I’m sure you’ve heard it before… rest and rejuvenation are essential components of a healthy, vibrant life. It’s also true that ultimately, even if we have very busy lives, somehow our bodies will find a way to rest. To keep going, they have to.   But there’s a powerful difference between inevitable and intentional R&R. Inevitable R&R? Yep, I know you’ve experienced it… those times when it feels like all you can do is collapse on your couch because you’ve been on the go for two weeks straight. Or those [...]

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Welcome! Come, be part of the Pause…


Would you say you Live from your Center? Does that phrase grab you? What does it mean for you? “Live from your own center” is a quote I heard from Joseph Campbell, amazing writer and teacher of mythology and philosophy. It’s always inspired and intrigued me. A wonderful goal and intention – to be centered, to live from a balanced inner place. But… doesn’t so much in life often seem to pull us off balance? To cause us to act and re-act instead from places of habit or strain? I [...]

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