Don’t quit. Just simplify

  I almost didn’t write this blog post. It’s late. The day is almost over. I worked all day and into the evening in my massage therapy practice. Realistically, there just wasn’t a lot of time in my schedule today to write. In fact, there’s probably plenty of legitimate reasons I could come up with why it would be ok for me to skip my post today. And the truth is, I could turn to my self compassion and start again fresh tomorrow. But here’s the thing…when I set an [...]

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My secret about why some resolutions stick & others fizzle out

new year resolutions

  I admit it, I love January and all that new year intention setting energy. I’ve spent plenty of years writing down, in those first weeks, what I want to accomplish in the rest. Strategic plans and lists for the things I want to do, the new habits I want to commit to (again).   Sometimes I found myself riding the wave of a resolution the whole year through. Other resolutions – not so much. Here’s the huge secret I’ve come to realize about what sticks and why… The important [...]

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