WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: How to manage plantar fasciitis (that horrible pain in your foot)

How to manage plantar fasciitis

  Have you ever had plantar fasciitis? It’s a sharp, awful pain in the bottom of your foot. If you’ve ever had it, you know. And the biggest problem you probably also know is, once you’ve triggered it, it’s not easy to get rid of. Here’s the important key — what often sets it off is your tight calves and hamstrings. If you find that your lower back and the backs of your legs are often tight, or if you have ever tried to recover from plantar fasciitis, this week’s [...]

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Your lazy belly

lazy belly fix

  You probably can imagine that in my massage therapy practice, one of the main things people come in needing addressed is their back pain. So many of us have back tension – and of course the reasons vary. But underlying most of the reasons, is actually one key – something that can make a huge difference once you’re aware of it. It’s your lazy belly. You see, our spines are amazing — the way we’re built to hold our torsos in an upright position. But the truth is, most [...]

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Sore, Tight Muscles… Should I Ice or Heat?

sore shoulder muscles - ice or heat?

  “How do I know whether I should ice a sore muscle or whether I should use heat?” This is a question that comes up all the time in my massage therapy practice.   The answer depends on what kind of muscle strain or tension is causing your pain and discomfort, and ultimately comes down to one key thing – inflammation. Lots of things can trigger muscle soreness – a twist in the wrong direction, overexertion (from lifting something too heavy, for example), or the variety of overexertion where you [...]

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Why Your Neck is Tense & One Thing You Can Do Everyday to Help

neck pain

Does your neck hurt? I’m not surprised. If you’re like most people, your head is probably not in the best position right now while you’re staring at this computer screen. When clients come in to see me for massage, I usually start their sessions with this question: “Anything you’d like me to focus on today, an area that’s particularly tense or painful that you need addressed?” Almost everyone’s answer … “neck and shoulders.” And as I watch them walk across the room to hang up their coat or sit down [...]

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