My secret about why some resolutions stick & others fizzle out

new year resolutions

  I admit it, I love January and all that new year intention setting energy. I’ve spent plenty of years writing down, in those first weeks, what I want to accomplish in the rest. Strategic plans and lists for the things I want to do, the new habits I want to commit to (again).   Sometimes I found myself riding the wave of a resolution the whole year through. Other resolutions – not so much. Here’s the huge secret I’ve come to realize about what sticks and why… The important [...]

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My New Year Breakthrough

new years breakthrough

  I am ready. Well, maybe I’m not. But heck, it’s a new year. And I actually love that new year energy of intention and commitment. So this year, I’ve decided to channel that energy toward something I don’t usually do. I’m going to follow Brian Johnson’s advice and sink into a ‘fire, ready, aim’ approach. When I first heard Brian talk about that concept as he summarized Jason Selk’s book, 10 Minute Toughness, oh boy, did the perfectionist in me bristle uncomfortably. I’m a thinker, a planner. Jumping right [...]

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Welcome! Come, be part of the Pause…


Would you say you Live from your Center? Does that phrase grab you? What does it mean for you? “Live from your own center” is a quote I heard from Joseph Campbell, amazing writer and teacher of mythology and philosophy. It’s always inspired and intrigued me. A wonderful goal and intention – to be centered, to live from a balanced inner place. But… doesn’t so much in life often seem to pull us off balance? To cause us to act and re-act instead from places of habit or strain? I [...]

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