Limbering up your soul


Danielle LaPorte has a powerful section in the workbook half of her inspiring book The Desire Map.

It’s called Soul Limber.

In it she poses a few strings of simple questions, prompts that have the effect of getting you out of your practical minded headspace. The invitation is to fill in the blanks from a deeper (gut, heart, soul) level.

Those of us who are Desire Map facilitators often use Soul Limbering questions as a powerful warm up at the beginning of our Desire Map workshops.

It’s one of my favorite things.

To paraphrase Danielle… your mind helps you act on things — it’s your strategist and your activator. But sometimes you need to loosen the calcification from your intellect and get closer to your heart.
Your core desires come from the center of you.

It can be genuinely powerful and illuminating to give your mind a break and hear what your spirit might have to say once in a while.


Try a little Soul Limbering for yourself.
Find a quiet spot to sit for a few moments with your journal and maybe a cup of tea.

What’s the first thing you hear your Self saying in answer to these:

I crave…


Other than time or money, what I want more of is…


I need to give myself more permission to be…


When in doubt…


I know I’m happy when…


I feel vulnerable when…


Did any of your answers surprise you?

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Katrina Piehler is a wellness coach, bodyworker, workshop leader and licensed Desire Map facilitator who is passionate about helping busy people create lives they love living!

Known for her intuitive, uplifting approach, she offers action-oriented personal wellness coaching services, rejuvenating bodywork sessions, & inspiring workshops and retreats that empower her clients to discover vibrant balance, motivation and inner tools for transforming how they live their lives.

She loves helping new folks in her community find inspiration and motivation to get ‘un-stuck’. If you could use a little support shifting some habits or are just curious about coaching, you’re warmly invited to schedule a complimentary wellness coaching session with Katrina here!


  • Anne Lafleur

    I just went through those questions and it was really centering and clarifying. Thank you!