Just Begin it…

Kind of like the Nike motto, but less pressure. 

You see, I think it’s that pressure – the “I’m gonna be a person who just does this now” (who jogs, who does yoga, who meditates every day, etc.) – that sometimes keeps us from actually sustaining the thing we want to do.

Perhaps you were quite motivated the first day or two, but slowly, did that feeling of “the should” ever start to creep in? And then maybe even “giving up” following close behind?

“Shoulds” have never made good motivators for the long haul.

What’s a better motivator for a lasting change?
How about asking instead of telling. A compassionate curiosity – in small steps.
Here’s what I mean…

Start with just beginning it.
That thing you want to be doing. Try just one small step today… and then, notice.
That’s the key to the sustainability.
It’s in the noticing – the awareness you give to how you feel.

No amount of being told what you should do is going to ultimately motivate you to change your behaviors. How you feel though – before, during and after this thing you want To Do – that will be what internally pulls you toward doing it again.
Or not.

So even if the initial motivation is an I should: My body aches, I should stretch every morning before I rush off to work; My doctor says my blood sugar is high and I should lose some weight … what if you could transform the should into something you actually FEEL like doing? Would then “just do it” seem less daunting?

Try “just beginning it” instead.
Tonight, before you collapse in bed, let your body stretch a little. Perhaps as you’re stretching you’ll take a few deep breaths. Your mind might quiet for a few minutes – a small meditation. Maybe you’ll sleep well that night. And you’ll like it. So maybe you’ll try it again tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow you won’t.

That’s ok. But let yourself feel moved again to begin something… and then pay attention.

When self-care becomes “a should” and just another thing on our To Do list, it really isn’t a de-stressing and health building thing. The point of balancing your life with self-care behaviors is to refill your cup.

Do you feel replenished when you do something that’s healthy for you? Do you want to try it again? You can always try something new, and then stick with what you like.

Don’t worry about being one of those people who “Just Does It.”
Try just beginning it instead. Listen inside.
And keep going from there.


I invite you to share your thoughts and post below.
There’s power in stating it “out loud.”
What will you BEGIN today?