Quotes and Images…

{all photographs were taken by Katrina Piehler.
Prints are available for sale (without the words). Click here to inquire.}




Soul Card Meditations…

{These cards are created by Denise Linn.
They are a wonderful tool for daily or weekly meditations.
You can purchase a set of your own here.}
[the words of reflection & meditation in the captions are offered here by Katrina.]

There is usually an inner strength inside us that is quiet & deep. But it can be hard to feel it when we’re rushing around so busily. Can you pause for a gentle moment today & notice where your inner strength is waiting for you? Can you breathe into and awaken it a little?


Is there something new in your life? a new intention you’ve considered? a new idea? a new outlook? a new way of expressing your Self? a new chance you want to take? a new hope you have? a new something you want to try? Give yourself a little space this week to honor that EMERGING. Be with the sense new-ness– the inspiration, the fragile-ness, the perspective shift. Nurture it, and enjoy!