Frequently Asked Questions About Massage

1. What kind of massage do you do?

I offer therapeutic Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage, Pre-natal Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage and Foot Reflexology.

My style and techniques are influenced by neuromuscular work such as trigger point therapy as well as the myofascial & energy balancing work of Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy.  My approach is very holistic in nature. By this I mean, I do deep muscular work, but I don’t just see you as a frozen shoulder that needs to be fixed. My experience in bodywork therapy over the past nine years has shown me that the deep release and unraveling of chronic body tension happens best in an environment which allows you to feel safe and restful, and as part of a therapeutic relationship which allows you to feel wholly addressed and cared for – mind, body & spirit.


2. Will I have to get undressed? What about underwear?

This is one of the massage FAQs that many people want to know, but don’t always ask.

Thai Yoga Massage and Foot Reflexology are therapies that are done with your clothes on so you will not undress at all. For a Thai Massage, which is a movement-oriented therapy, you’ll want to wear comfortable, easy to move in clothes (like sweats or yoga pants). For a Reflexology session, you will only need to roll up your pants to expose your feet and lower legs.

For a regular Holistic/Deep Tissue Massage, Pre-natal, or Hot Stone Massage, the strokes are done directly on your skin and therapeutic oil is used to allow for effective work on your muscles. So for these sessions you’ll undress to your level of comfort. It is your choice about whether you want to leave your underwear on or not. Either choice is appropriate. There will be a sheet and blanket covering you at all times. Only the part of your body being worked on will be exposed, for example one arm, or one leg, or your back. You will always be properly draped for your privacy.


3. What if I’m ticklish?

I’ve worked with many people who are ticklish. I can vary the pressure, depth, and pace of the massage strokes so that you won’t feel tickled.

My experience has been that many people find their ticklishness is a result of some tension in their body, that a firm – rather than light or tentative touch is actually helpful, and that after a few moments the ticklish sensations subside.

Having said that, you can also rest assured that I will respect you and avoid work in any ticklish area that would make you uncomfortable.


4. How frequently should I get massage?

That really depends on what your goals are, and your budget. I recommend getting a massage at least once a month, as the effects are cumulative. The more regularly you come in, the more your body truly gets out of it. A few of my clients come in once a week, many come in every other or every three weeks. All of them recognize the importance of self-care, and the health benefits that they enjoy from receiving massage on a regular basis.


5. Am I supposed to tip?

This is a very common question that I know can be awkward to ask.
Here is my philosophy and feelings on the matter…

As a business owner, I have set my prices at a level that allows me to pay my bills and run my practice sufficiently. And since this is my independent practice, I receive your whole fee (as opposed to a contracted massage therapist in a spa or clinic, for example, who may only be receiving a “cut”). Therefore, I absolutely offer you my therapy without any expectation or assumption of tipping.

Having said that, however, since gestures of gratuity are a matter of personal choice, some of my clients do choose to tip, some do not. With much gratitude, I do accept tips that are offered, but please rest assured that every one of my clients always receives the same level of excellent service regardless of tipping choices.

Here is another thought to consider … you see, I view massage not simply a treat or luxury, but rather a therapy that’s most powerful and health enhancing when received regularly. So as an alternative to adding a gratuity cost onto each session, I’d suggest that a far more meaningful gesture about receiving this work would be to continue working with me by finding a way to make it a consistent part of your life. Think of it as thanking your self for committing to your well being.

…Similarly, another one of the most complimentary ways to “tip” me would be to refer your friends and family to me for the health benefits of massage and bodywork sessions!


6. Do you offer a multiple sessions or package discount?

Yes, I offer a Wellness Package discount.

When you purchase a set of 4 sessions up front (either all one kind or mix and match different types) you receive $25 OFF the total price.


7. What other discounts do you offer?

Everyone receives a $10 OFF discount for their FIRST VISIT.
I also offer a student discount of $10 OFF for each session.


8. Do you take credit cards?

Yes, I accept Visa and Mastercard, as well as personal checks or cash.


9. Do you take insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance. Some clients, however, have submitted a receipt for massage therapy work with me to their insurance carrier for reimbursement under certain circumstances and depending on their coverage. Others frequently submit receipts to their pre-tax health savings accounts for massage therapy. I’m happy to provide you with receipts for your sessions.


10. Is there parking at your office?

Yes, there is plenty of free, non-metered parking on Broadway in front of my office. These are many free 2-hour spots for non-Somerville residents. If you are a Somerville resident and have an appropriate parking sticker you may also park on any of the side streets.


11. Can I get to your office using public transportation?

Yes, it is approximately a 10-15 minute walk to my office from the Davis Square T stop on the subway red line. The #87, #88, and #89 buses also have stops on Broadway just in front of my office as well.


12. Is your office handicap accessible?

No, unfortunately if you are unable to climb some stairs, my massage practice will not be the one for you. There are porch steps that lead to the entrance and my office is located on the third floor of 1236 Broadway.