Clarity Session (combo bodywork & coaching conversation)

A profoundly empowering combination of energy-focused bodywork & transformative conversation. A Clarity Session with Katrina offers an invaluable opportunity to quiet the surface chatter of your day to day thoughts so that you can hear your inner voice, find focus, and open to shifts and changes in your life.


The session begins and ends with a coaching style conversation where Katrina offers compelling questions & the space for you to reflect and tap into your own wisdom. Between these reflective conversations you’ll experience the powerful energy balancing effects of various bodywork techniques including polarity therapy, foot reflexology, craniosacral & myofascial massage. These hands-on bodywork techniques (performed as you relax, fully clothed, on a massage table) serve to ‘re-set’ your nervous system and help you physically re-connect with your breath and your center.

You may come with a question that’s on your mind or thoughts about a change you are wanting to make. You’ll leave with a refreshing sense of clarity and personal inspiration for moving forward in your life.

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90 minute session ~ $140




Payments may be made in person at the time of your session by