Healthy Eating


Wellness TipWednesdays

  Does your busy life often leave you feeling stressed out, low on motivation, yearning for more balance? I have just the thing for you… I call it Wellness Tip Wednesdays. Check back here for a weekly video post with useful tips and ideas for managing stress and living a more balanced, empowered life. And sign up below if you’d like them conveniently sent to your inbox every week. First Name Last Name Email Website:      

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Snow day comfort soup


  I’m feeling under the weather. And it’s a snow day (here in Boston). Time for soup. Not just eating soup. Making it. That’s what actually adds to the comfort part for me. One of my favorite soups to make on a day like this is roasted potato and kale soup. I get to put the oven on and fill the house with the aroma of hearty potatoes browning (and sometimes mushrooms if I have them!) Now I know, you may not think of kale as comfort food. But I [...]

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The Difference Between Intentional and Inevitable R&R is the Secret to Living Powerfully

Rest and Rejuvenation

  I’m sure you’ve heard it before… rest and rejuvenation are essential components of a healthy, vibrant life. It’s also true that ultimately, even if we have very busy lives, somehow our bodies will find a way to rest. To keep going, they have to.   But there’s a powerful difference between inevitable and intentional R&R. Inevitable R&R? Yep, I know you’ve experienced it… those times when it feels like all you can do is collapse on your couch because you’ve been on the go for two weeks straight. Or those [...]

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