The Difference Between Intentional and Inevitable R&R is the Secret to Living Powerfully

Rest and Rejuvenation

  I’m sure you’ve heard it before… rest and rejuvenation are essential components of a healthy, vibrant life. It’s also true that ultimately, even if we have very busy lives, somehow our bodies will find a way to rest. To keep going, they have to.   But there’s a powerful difference between inevitable and intentional R&R. Inevitable R&R? Yep, I know you’ve experienced it… those times when it feels like all you can do is collapse on your couch because you’ve been on the go for two weeks straight. Or those [...]

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Why Your Neck is Tense & One Thing You Can Do Everyday to Help

neck pain

Does your neck hurt? I’m not surprised. If you’re like most people, your head is probably not in the best position right now while you’re staring at this computer screen. When clients come in to see me for massage, I usually start their sessions with this question: “Anything you’d like me to focus on today, an area that’s particularly tense or painful that you need addressed?” Almost everyone’s answer … “neck and shoulders.” And as I watch them walk across the room to hang up their coat or sit down [...]

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Just Begin it…


  Kind of like the Nike motto, but less pressure.  You see, I think it’s that pressure – the “I’m gonna be a person who just does this now” (who jogs, who does yoga, who meditates every day, etc.) – that sometimes keeps us from actually sustaining the thing we want to do. Perhaps you were quite motivated the first day or two, but slowly, did that feeling of “the should” ever start to creep in? And then maybe even “giving up” following close behind? “Shoulds” have never made good [...]

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Welcome! Come, be part of the Pause…


Would you say you Live from your Center? Does that phrase grab you? What does it mean for you? “Live from your own center” is a quote I heard from Joseph Campbell, amazing writer and teacher of mythology and philosophy. It’s always inspired and intrigued me. A wonderful goal and intention – to be centered, to live from a balanced inner place. But… doesn’t so much in life often seem to pull us off balance? To cause us to act and re-act instead from places of habit or strain? I [...]

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