My New Year Breakthrough

new years breakthrough

  I am ready. Well, maybe I’m not. But heck, it’s a new year. And I actually love that new year energy of intention and commitment. So this year, I’ve decided to channel that energy toward something I don’t usually do. I’m going to follow Brian Johnson’s advice and sink into a ‘fire, ready, aim’ approach. When I first heard Brian talk about that concept as he summarized Jason Selk’s book, 10 Minute Toughness, oh boy, did the perfectionist in me bristle uncomfortably. I’m a thinker, a planner. Jumping right [...]

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Sore, Tight Muscles… Should I Ice or Heat?

sore shoulder muscles - ice or heat?

  “How do I know whether I should ice a sore muscle or whether I should use heat?” This is a question that comes up all the time in my massage therapy practice.   The answer depends on what kind of muscle strain or tension is causing your pain and discomfort, and ultimately comes down to one key thing – inflammation. Lots of things can trigger muscle soreness – a twist in the wrong direction, overexertion (from lifting something too heavy, for example), or the variety of overexertion where you [...]

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Do you Trust your own Resiliency?


  This winter really pushed the edge. I’ve lived in New England most of my life. Freezing temperatures and lots of snow are nothing new for me. And, since those conditions are familiar, I can also say I do carry with me that automatic, inner sense of “We’ll get through it” or even an eager “Spring is just on the other side of this” as I move through the season. This year however, I’m not sure eagerness is quite the word I’d use to describe what I’m noticing. This Boston [...]

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Want Love and a Healthy Relationship? How you Answer these 3 Questions can be the Key


Ah, to be in a relationship… with someone who is kind to you, with someone who genuinely enjoys your company, a partner in life who is supportive because they believe in you… Sound like something you want? Imagining how good that might make you feel? It does sound like a healthy relationship, doesn’t it? But does it really begin with finding the right person? Consider the possibility that your relationship with yourself is actually the key that determines the health (and longevity) of any committed relationship you want to be [...]

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This Year’s Reflections BEFORE New Year’s Resolutions


I have to admit… I’m a big fan of the New Year season. I know, some folks aren’t. And understandably so. There’s often this ever present assumption, expectation even, that we should be always doing more, should be better. Resolutions can feel heavy rather than inspiring. That’s not what New Year’s time is for me. What I learned long ago is that “should” has never been an empowering or effective motivator.  And I definitely no longer view New Year goal setting through that lens. I’ve found there are much more stirring [...]

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Who Would You Be if You Released an Old Pattern?


  Do you have those times in life where you just feel stuck? And not because you’re not trying, but in fact maybe – being in the mode of ‘trying so hard’ – you realize you’re actually getting in your own way? I can definitely relate. Like lots of folks I know, I’ve found myself living lately from a perfectionist place where I make everything more complex than it needs to be. There’s a lot of ‘wanting’ and even a good deal of detailed planning. But then there’s that elusive [...]

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Life has Ups & Downs – How to Find Contentment in the Tide

Contentment in the Tide

Do you experience times in life when you feel pretty good? Moving along, setting goals – then, for whatever reason, your best laid plans don’t work out… and a nice weighty doldrum or funk sets in? It’s easy to feel frustration, even resistance, when that happens. After all who wants to be in one of life’s ‘downs’? That happened to me recently. When things didn’t go the way I wanted, I was ready to go into self-criticism mode. A mode that can often keep me stuck. But this time, an [...]

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