Do you take it to bed with you?


  I bet you have a lot on your mind. So many of us have concerning thoughts and worries — these days more than ever. And that’s on top of all our typical day to day stuff.     I also bet you’re probably aware of how those stressful thoughts have a way of showing up in your body. Stiff neck. Tight jaw. Back tension, etc. It’s kind of par for the course given how your mind and body is connected. Here’s something else I bet you do… and it’s [...]

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Want to drop a habit? Don’t deprive, replace

replace your habits

  It’s that time of year when changing habits is on our minds. So here’s what I’m wondering… have you ever try to ‘willpower’ yourself into not doing something? You know, like stopping a not-so-healthy habit? How has that worked for you? Letting go of a ‘bad’ habit is usually easier said than done, isn’t it? Sometimes we feel like it’s a great intention to not get the candy bar at the vending machine during an afternoon slump or to stop staying up late bing-watching Netflix on a weeknight. But actually [...]

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Leveraging yourself as you go along

leveraging yourself

  I just discovered something about myself. I like structure. It makes me feel capable, confident. I’m laughing a little at that word ‘just’ – how I wrote that I ‘just’ discovered this. I’m no spring chicken. You’d think that would be something that I knew about myself by now. Well, maybe I did know. But I was trying something new. And I forgot what I had learned before. That’s ok. Because re-discovery is useful. Going through the process of learning about yourself is empowering – every time you do [...]

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Snow day comfort soup


  I’m feeling under the weather. And it’s a snow day (here in Boston). Time for soup. Not just eating soup. Making it. That’s what actually adds to the comfort part for me. One of my favorite soups to make on a day like this is roasted potato and kale soup. I get to put the oven on and fill the house with the aroma of hearty potatoes browning (and sometimes mushrooms if I have them!) Now I know, you may not think of kale as comfort food. But I [...]

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Don’t quit. Just simplify

  I almost didn’t write this blog post. It’s late. The day is almost over. I worked all day and into the evening in my massage therapy practice. Realistically, there just wasn’t a lot of time in my schedule today to write. In fact, there’s probably plenty of legitimate reasons I could come up with why it would be ok for me to skip my post today. And the truth is, I could turn to my self compassion and start again fresh tomorrow. But here’s the thing…when I set an [...]

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The usefulness of Yay me! moments

Yay me moments

  What went well for you this week? When I work with my coaching clients, that question is an important part of our conversations. Did it take a couple minutes for you to think of something? What if I asked you about what didn’t go so well? Went right to it, didn’t you? That’s why that first question is important. Important to ask first. A coach I once worked with adds a layer to that question that makes it even more powerful… she regularly asked me to connect it back [...]

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My secret about why some resolutions stick & others fizzle out

new year resolutions

  I admit it, I love January and all that new year intention setting energy. I’ve spent plenty of years writing down, in those first weeks, what I want to accomplish in the rest. Strategic plans and lists for the things I want to do, the new habits I want to commit to (again).   Sometimes I found myself riding the wave of a resolution the whole year through. Other resolutions – not so much. Here’s the huge secret I’ve come to realize about what sticks and why… The important [...]

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