About Living from Center & Founder, Katrina Piehler

I love people.

That’s how I came to be doing this work.

You see, I’m completely inspired by the human spirit, and the human body — our ability to adapt, heal, change, create and grow our selves.

In 2003 I opened Centering Touch ~ Massage Therapy & Bodywork and began helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life … and relief from the pains that showed up in their bodies because of that stress.

Over the years, I’ve found that this kind of support has become increasingly important and has become more than just relief. We no longer simply yearn to have someone help us feel better. We’re discovering that we can shift and re-new how our bodies and lives are. And we want to feel more empowered to do so!

I can say it’s truly been an honor to witness and facilitate journeys of unfolding health, joy and balance for my clients.

There’s a quote from Joseph Campbell that has inspired me from the very beginning… “Live from your own center.” It’s been my guiding philosophy all along – both personally and in the therapy I offer. The power to create the life you love living originates completely and solely within you. Your relationship to your Self is the map for your journey.

I love this meaningful human work of offering support for people who are yearning to begin truly navigating their journey — helping them remember their spirit, their ability, their power to live a full, content and amazing life!

You see, I truly believe that’s how the world as a whole will change, heal, grow…

When one person feels healthy, alive and strong; when she can access her passion & confidence because she’s felt heard and encouraged…that’s when she can fully show up in life. And it’s important that she does. It’s important that you do.  One person’s life path crosses and makes a difference in countless others.

What if we were all living our best lives?

My goal is for that one person – for you – to think of me as someone whose “got your back” (figuratively & literally) so that you can go out and do what you are inspired to do in the world.

So, I’m delighted to offer you our services here through Living From Center… helping your body rejuvenate & helping you re-connect with and truly live from your own center!


A Summary of my Credentials, Education & Training…

I am a Wellcoaches certified coach. Wellcoaches is the leading program in health and wellness/lifestyle coach training. My work through Wellcoaches is grounded in positive psychology and behavior change process research. Wellcoaches is endorsed by and in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine.

I’m also a licensed Desire Map facilitator. Danielle LaPorte’s empowering book, The Desire Map, also serves as one of the frameworks for the transformative workshops and coaching services I offer.

I am also a Massachusetts licensed and certified massage therapist and a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. I received my initial training and certification in holistically therapeutic massage & reflexology from the Polarity Realization Institute (now SpaTech Institute) in 2003. Since then I have continued extensive training and education in bodywork techniques and modalities including Thai Yoga Massage through the Lotus Palm School in Montreal, Canada and Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage through Sacred Stone Healing massage school in Rhode Island.

I also hold a Masters of Education degree through Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was an elementary school teacher in Massachusetts for over nine years prior to my work in the health and wellness field.

In Personal Life…

I live in the fun, active city of Somerville, Massachusetts – just outside of Boston. I love the urban life there, especially frequenting all the great coffee shops and cafes in the area. What completely balances & re-centers me however, is spending time in nature. I loves camping and kayaking. Woodland and beach walks are my favorite ways to stay connected to my spirit and content with life.


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